How much is enough?

Look around you. How much have you got? I mean, in terms of possessions. Have you a house, furniture, ornaments? A wardrobe full of clothes, some that you wear, and others that just sit there? Do you have a car? Perhaps you have some valuable jewellery? How about a gazillion gadgets, without which life would be impossible? Now, take yourself out of this picture. Imagine someone sorting through all this “stuff” of yours. How much do you think they would keep? What would hold any kind of significance for them? How much do you think would be sold or disposed off or end up in a landfill somewhere?

I say this because I am in the throes of sorting out a loved ones belongings. There isn’t that much to sort. He lived a very simple life. We, on the other hand, live amongst the day to day clutter that life seems to bring in its wake. How much does a person need anyway? And why do we place such importance on material things? Why not surround ourselves with love, goodwill, peace and harmony? Surely these are far greater indicators of a life being lived well.

My lesson in all of this has been to enjoy all that I have, while I can. Not to add to my nonsensical pile of nothing with more of the same. And finally, to try and pare it all down. For someday, someone will be going through my lifetime’s accumulation of things, and will have to make painful decisions on what to keep and what to dispose.

I hope neither pile is too high.



4 thoughts on “How much is enough?

  1. Your pile of what u think of your nothingness is, my gorgeous friend, would be precious to all of us as you are very special to us all! X

    1. In the Hindu philosophy Shantanu, we have always been told that we come with nothing, and leave with nothing. In the interim, however, we manage to collect way too much. I think, in our cases, we have come to realise that none of these possessions are very important really. The memories we have of the person far supersede anything they may have left behind.

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