What if vs What is

How often do you wonder about the road not travelled? Decisions that were taken for a variety of factors, but then, they blocked off other avenues, as that was the path you chose to follow.

I’m sure we’ve all had moments of regret. Of a yearning nostalgia for what might have been had we chosen to study something different, or perhaps another career, or even a different life partner. There are those that believe in Destiny. A pre mapping of life’s trajectory. There are others that believe that we are the sole navigators of life’s ship. It is down to oneself which way one sails.

Either ways, it is important to understand that where one stands is not set in concrete. If you are unhappy with your lot, then take the necessary steps to change it. If, however, it is a mere phase of discontentment, then it behooves one to realise that nothing is ever perfect. That other life might possibly have been worse. So, ride out the phase and appreciate “what is” rather than what may have been.



2 thoughts on “What if vs What is

  1. Looking back at my life I believe that certain things were definitely ‘meant to be’, simply because of how the universe conspired to make them happen. Without any intention on my part đŸ™‚ But I have also stood at more than a few cross-roads and gone in this or that direction on a whim, often going with the flow rather than making choices based on a goal or burning desire. I don’t believe in regrets because we cannot change the past, but I will admit to asking the ‘what if’ question more often lately, unsure about certain decision I, and we, have made. Alas, appreciating the ‘what is’ is excellent advice, right now probably more so than at other times! xo

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