Just a thought…

This is a short one with a simple query. Why are women, women’s own worst enemies?

I have seen the sort of networking that carries on between men. The old boys club exists the world over. Undoubtedly, men can be competitive, jealous and eager to get ahead at any cost too. But very rarely does one see the kind of pettiness that women can exhibit towards their own kind.

This strange one-upmanship from houses to spouses, from careers to children, from figures to four wheels, is a disturbing phenomena. Why can’t we, as women, be supportive and nurturing towards one another? Why do we have to put another down to feel good about oneself?

Isn’t life, the world, and the other sex hard enough on us, without us compounding the problem?




When I last logged into WordPress, it informed me that I had completed a year of blogging, and wished me on my anniversary. An entire year gone by? A year of blogging- putting my stories, my thoughts and sometimes, my innards, out for consumption. Traditionally, anniversaries are celebrated. Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, new years….all roughly fall into that category of having completed something, with an anticipation of the future unfolding in a similar manner.

Sometimes though, they give rise to a need for reflection. What does completing a year signify? Is it merely a passage of time, or has one grown in that time; learnt something, gained an insight, perhaps acquired some wisdom? At what point does one sit down and evaluate the merits of where one stands today, as opposed to where one stood five or even ten years ago?

For me, personally, it has been a turbulent year. I have been shaken up in more ways than one. What I have learnt is, that I am incapable of writing stories, when my mind is troubled. I need to be in a safe place metaphorically, even if it isn’t necessarily a happy one. Yet, I am able to blog with impunity, for it requires no great powers of plotting, characterisation, or an end product meeting my own exacting standards, let alone anyone else’s.

I am trying to inch towards this safe zone. Blogging is my therapy. And that is something worth celebrating.


That which resonates

A while ago, while sitting and chatting with a group of friends, I noticed how often talk veered to the television series that was the rage du jour. We had done the Scandinavian dramas, or Nordic Noir as the press referred to it. Gritty, real and faintly depressing. So much so that it had permeated the consciousness of present day television spawning many excellent British dramas along the same lines. All of my friends were now into watching the cult classic, Breaking Bad. Some were at the very tail end of it, and some, like myself, were just starting out. Almost everyone agreed that in its premise of a chemistry teacher turning to a life of crime, a protagonist who becomes deeply unsympathetic as the story progresses, and its ability to raise questions about one’s own moral judgement, it was a deeply satisfying albeit unsettling experience.

Conversely, I remember sitting and chatting with a group of Indian friends, who were not so much into television series per se, unless it was a comedy show that starred someone called Kapil, and held everyone in thrall with his supposedly funny routines. I cannot comment as I rarely watch Indian television, fearing that the glory days are past, and the drivel that passes for entertainment is not my cup of tea. However, Cinema in India! Now that’s quite another thing. Indians have been obsessed, even consumed by their passion for movies. And nowhere is that more evident than when you sit a group of friends together. Invariably the talk turns to the latest blockbuster. There is always a glut of promotions, film stars beaming out of every channel, plying their wares, and the public getting sucked into spending the moolah. However, the heartening difference is that audiences are so much more discerning these days. Big names no longer sell movies by themselves. In fact its the experimental producer/ directors, the independent film makers that are finally finding a market for what would once have been a loss making venture.

How do these two varying view points bind together? Simply in the fact that different things resonate at different times. I happen to be lucky enough to witness both quality television in the West and quality cinema from the East. Not that these didn’t exist before, but suddenly they are riding the crest of a wave, and I am happy to be deluged by it.

These Summer holidays I plan to introduce my girls to Hitchcock. Films like “North by Northwest”, “Vertigo”, “Rear Window”. Movies that I hope they find as fascinating as I did, when I was younger. These are classics, and have found resonance in every age, at all times. I remember being introduced to the Biblical films by my mother. “The ten commandments”, “Ben Hur”, “Samson and Delilah” – again, films that fascinated in their subject matter, their scope and their sweep. (Nothing to do with the little crush my mother nursed on Charlton Heston then!).

Our tastes are set very early on in life. The more one is exposed to, potentially the more one is able to assimilate and appreciate. Yet, sadly and strangely, certain films and series that were absolutely at the very pinnacle in their time, find nothing but dissonance. Could it be that anything that is too au courant is also condemned to date and fade equally ignominiously? That is a subject for another day…