Hasta la vista baby!

Two years ago, I had made a loose commitment to myself regarding my blog. I had mentally aimed to write one post a week. Not a major task I’d surmised. After all, writing was easy enough for me, and there were enough topics that piqued my interest, and I could trot out piece after piece without breaking a sweat. Well, haha to that. What I had forgotten to factor in while making these grandiose internal plans, was life. Life doesn’t give a toss about your plans. It flows gentle as a stream or gushes by like a river in flood, and you get swept along, sometimes benignly, other times mercilessly.

Life has been a bit of a storm lately. From all Hell breaking loose at work, to various familial and social undertakings, I’ve felt like I’ve been drowning with nary a straw to clutch at. In all of this, I have not once forgotten to beat myself up over missing my blog deadlines. Ah guilt! What a perverse pleasure to indulge in.

Yesterday, for the first time, I had a minor epiphany regarding my writing. My blogging is a hobby. It’s meant to be a pleasurable past time. Since when did it become a millstone around my neck? Well, since I made it one!

So, henceforth, if I need a break, I’ll take one. I want to come back to it with a renewed sense of purpose and vigour. In the meantime, adios amigos. It’s time for me to recharge, to recuperate and to recover from what has been a frightfully frenetic time. To calmer shores I head. Hasta la vista!


5 thoughts on “Hasta la vista baby!

  1. Why do we make our lives more complicated? Why do we over extend ourselves. Some people thrive on this as oxygen or fuel to keep going. Well done on your decision. It’s not necessary to over complicate our lives. Hasta pronto!

  2. Your writing is lovely and always a pleasure to read but your smile remains priceless and my heart is full with your friendship… Glad you worked it out on your own to realize that we ourselves are in charge of our lives, our commitments, our burdens we put on, most importantly.. We all need to daily remember LIFE IS SHORT.. don’t sweat the small stuff…or the big stuff… it happens for a reason beyond understanding and it is how you choose to react to it that lets it become a SMILE! Which Poornima my dear, you wear so Brilliantly well:) Mwah! Much love! A*

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