Love and Loss

I trace the network of lines on my stomach. A grid of loss. The lives this womb has held and squandered. Each time, unable to fulfil its biological vocation. Layers upon layers of hope and despair that show up on my face, in my hair, in my eyes… The first one came unbidden, unwanted, and was rid off just as quickly. Youth and drugs and unprotected mating. Then, years of trying and failing, and trying again. Too old to try now. Yet. An instinct to love, to cherish, to protect and to nourish finds no outlet. I swim in a morass of anguish and melancholy.

Till, like a sliver of sunshine, you enter my life.You are not of my womb. You are not of my culture. You are not of my colour. Yet. My life is coloured with the joy of your dimples and my heart overflows with the milk of love that my bosom could not offer.

You are you. And you are mine.




Description of the work:

Oil on canvas
30″ x 40″
Copyright – Preeti Varma.

This painting is an original work of art by Preeti Varma who is a New York based visual artist. Preeti explores inter-disciplinary genres like painting, mixed-media, photography and installations in her art practice. To see more of her works, please visit her website at




2 thoughts on “Love and Loss

  1. Poornima, you’ve got a very unique style of expression in your literary compositions, that entice the reader right from the first few lines. I enjoy reading your short stories the most. Awesome job. .and Pl.keep them flowing!
    Preeti, I am awed by your artwork..nice choice of vivid colors indeed!
    What’s really special is that this lovely ‘duet’ is fantastic where both creations are complementing and enhancing each other!
    Wow!!! wow!!! Kudos ladies. ..

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