Experiment 2

An idea has been bubbling in my sub conscious mind for a while. It has been two years since I did my last experiment series, and I think that, perhaps it is time for another one. Not only because it forces me to explore genres I wouldn’t ordinarily, but also because it keeps things interesting. Anything that does not push the boundaries of creativity often leads to stagnation.

This time, however, my series has a little challenge for my regular readers. The challenge being, to find the common thread that links these stories. Wait till I have completed the series, and then, by all means, send me your guesses, your ideas and your thoughts.

This experiment might take me a while to complete. I will carry on blogging about other things in the meantime, alongside. Each time I have a story that belongs to the series, I will preface it with Experiment 2. So you will know that this is one part of the whole.

Happy reading and happy guessing!


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