For those of you who know me personally, this has been a year of experimentation. I did not plan for it, but somehow that’s the path I have undertaken, with interesting results.

After the excesses of December, Dry January was actually a relief. Abstinence from alcohol is almost de rigeur at the start of the year, and I was in good company as most of my friends and acquaintances were also abstaining. Barring a few social occasions, I did not miss the wine or the rum and coke quite as much as I thought I would. A chamomile tea served me just as well, and helped more with a good night’s rest than the wine ever had. I had more energy and realised that aside of a social crutch, alcohol’s only other purpose was that it was a mild de stressor. A combination of fatigue and alcohol nearly always brought out the worst in me. On it’s own I handled fatigue far better than before. Result: a more rested and balanced me.

Sugar free February proved more challenging. Cursed with a sweet tooth, nearly every meal has to end with some sort of dessert. Could I stay off all sugar for an entire month? Dr Michael Mosley’s ‘The eight week blood sugar diet’ certainly helped. Having read it in one sitting I was determined that no refined sugar would cross my lips. I almost succeeded. I could not entirely eliminate sugar as it is added to nearly all kinds of foods(shockingly), and I had neither the inclination nor the will power to be a complete anti sugar crusader. I also carried on eating fruits, Nature’s own dessert, as I reckoned that natural equated to healthier. Result: clear skin and weight loss.

March was comparatively the easiest month. A simple banning of coffee just meant excluding the 2 mugs I had every day. I substituted with tea, which some people advised had more caffeine in it than coffee. Upon researching this I found it to be partially true. Yes, tea leaves have more caffeine in them than coffee beans. But post brewing , the caffeine content in a cup of tea is substantially less than a cup of coffee. Either ways, I suffered no coffee withdrawal. In the end, all I did miss was the aroma, and the ritual of nursing my first mug of coffee. Tea did not have quite the same romance to it. Result: Coffee dependence was all in my mind.

April is my vegetarian month. It started with a bang as I declared to all and sundry that I had sworn off meat, poultry, fish and eggs. Then promptly forgot and popped two sausages on my plate at the breakfast buffet. Cue lots of guilt, and a re avowing of former pledge. Having to survive on vegetables and lentils has been no great hardship. I have enjoyed discovering new recipes, and revisiting some old ones too. For instance, Avial, a South Indian preparation that I remember from my childhood, made a surprise appearance at a new restaurant in my village. Impressed I decided to prepare it at home, and now it’s a firm family favourite. Unfortunately, travelling has severely limited my choices to pastas or salads. Even so, there is a growing awareness of the advantages of vegetarianism and increasingly, chefs and restaurants are experimenting with newer combinations and meat free options. Result: Too early to say, but hopefully better health.

Friends and colleagues have questioned the sanity of my methods. I have in turns been declared mad (in jest) or a killjoy. Why am I doing this I have been asked time and again? Is all this elimination necessary, or is it just another fad bandwagon I’ve jumped on?

The answer is murky at best. I have, for a while, wanted to see how my body reacts to certain foods, or the lack thereof. I have also wanted to test my will power and my dependence on said foods. So, in a way, my body has been a laboratory of sorts. I am enjoying the process, and although not free of pitfalls (sausages!), it has been a fairly smooth journey up till now.

What next then?

The start of May will be a bit of a breather. Then I will launch into a combined elimination of all four things listed above. Will I be able to sustain it? I certainly hope so. Although, I’m guessing it will be a lot tougher this time around.

With the first half of the year focussing on the body, the second half will focus on the mind. Yoga, meditation and control over an explosive temper will be the next challenges I’d like to tackle. Tacked to that is a challenge that I will not reveal yet, but once accomplished, will share the results of.

I hate leaving things undone, so, in the midst of all these things, I am also trying to get ahead on my Experiment series 2. If I learn nothing else from all this, I hope it teaches me a bit more about self discipline, and an application of myself to that which I truly love: my writing.

Have you tried anything similar? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Please comment or inbox me. And bonne chance with all your endeavours.


4 thoughts on “Abstinence

  1. Poornima, I was impressed with your abstinence blog. That certainly needs a lot of willpower and self discipline. I look forward to hearing about your next experiment. Giving up all four…good luck!

    I don’t like to consider myself a ‘follower’ but a person who makes up her own mind without being influenced by the masses. However when a work colleague told me she had lost well over two stone on Slimming World, I was impressed. I listened carefully as the waistband of my uniform skirt was stretching to bursting over an extremely ample tummy.

    My colleague told me another 26 people at work were also following the regime. I then pulled out a large avocado for my lunch and was confused when my colleague looked at it, sighing and tutting as an avocado has sooooooo many ‘SYNS’. I told her that the diet sounded interesting but secretly vowed to myself that I didn’t want to get involved in a any diet that considered an avocado as the devil’s food.

    Another thing that put me off was the thought of going in every week to get weighed IN FRONT of lots of strangers, even if it was well meaning people, made me feel uncomfortable. Plus my alcohol intake would be seriously restricted. Why couldn’t I eat, drink and BE MERRY?

    I easily found sooooo many excuses.

    However, I felt uncomfortable being overweight so I had a good think and mulled it all over in my head. I have been on so many diets since my 20’s and thought why is THIS one so different? It all suddenly made sense to go in every week to get weighed, it motivates you to do well. The diet made some sense to me.

    Well, I am on the diet. I am now a month in and 11 pounds lighter and my waistband is easing!

    So what made sense to me is that it is NOT about ABSTINENCE but is really abut everything in moderation. Well O.K. NOT quite everything.

    Strictly NO AVOCADO’S please…

    1. Well done you!👏🏼 I think for me the abstinence is more about figuring out what works for my body & also my will power, and whether my dependence on certain foods is physical or mental.
      All diets work, but for them to work long term, you need a lot of self motivation and resilience to conquer the plateaus.
      I wish you luck on your journey. Looking forward to hearing more.xx

      1. Yes…I like your ideas. My reasons for doing this is just old fashioned dieting but your experiment will be quite enlightening…x

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