Breathless – Melissa Singh


Tears sting and fall, as eyes search for a gap in the grey

The breath comes and goes like a wizened old man

Children no longer go out to play

The birds barely twitter

The leaves hang, heavy and sad

The stars, the moon, the sun haven’t smiled down, nights and days

This shroud of grey….where did it come from?


Burning the stubble in the fields has been the way

For far too long

To make it the prime culprit

is wrong


We trumpet out loud

our rapid progress and advancement in science and technology

I struggle to understand

is this the result?

That it does away with all that is real and natural

and creates all that is artificial and unnatural

Gripping us in a vice where suffering is certain


We create

for short term comfort

long term discomfort


We churn out limitless vehicles

numerous industries

The skies are a maze of flights

The seas a zig zag of water transport lines

for a bursting at the seams population

with a couldn’t care less, callous, selfish attitude


We, the creators

vitiate the air, the earth and the seas

by belching out unfathomable quantities of life sucking pollutants

It’s like being on a plane with low to zero oxygen supply

and ‘Gasp!’ as one clamours for the oxygen mask to fall


It never does….


Melissa Singh is an Interiors Designer. She designs the inside and leaves the outside to the best designer of all….Nature. From Nature she puts together organic lotions and creams for the hands, body and hair. She is a ‘wonder woman’…..always wondering and wandering 😊


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